Mechanical Polished Concrete

Mechanical Polished Concrete also known as Honed Concrete is the ultimate in Aesthetic flooring solutions. Its process involves the concrete surface to be hardened and refined to then be used as the working surface. It is ground for flatness and to expose the desired level of aggregate. After it is restored through a Mechanical Grouting Process, hardened multiple times and refined using a resin based Diamond Polishing Pad to your desired gloss level.

It is coating free, has a glass like finish and is silky smooth to the touch.

Epoxy Flake Floor

Epoxy flake floor is a unique type of flooring. It can be used when the concrete surface is beyond repair, where anti-slip is required, or when you are looking to be creative with the many shapes and colours available. Great for a garage floor, kitchen/food prep area and any wet area’s. It is stain resistant, provides anti-slip function, hides dirt well and is gentle on mops.

Pavilion Finish

Pavilion Finish also reffered to as Ground Acid Etch is a process where the top layer of your new or existing concrete is ground to expose the aggregate. Once ground, an Acid Solution is applied to remove the cement matrix at varying depths.

This product is Non-Slip and lasts a life time.
Perfect for any wet areas.

Our Clients


We build our trust through patience, and education. Educating our clients on our products and process enables them to make the right choice, and be comfortable with their decision. Building relationships mean everything to us.

What an incredible service, from start to finish. My wife and I cannot thank you enough for your hard work, and dedication to our project. It truly is a masterpiece, and we will be sure to recommend you to our friends and family. Thank you APC, and Roger.


The Tailors

Nick Tailor, Blackburn, VIC
I would like to thank you first on the amount of time and effort you have put into creating our floor, and secondly, for the amount of time you spent with us after-hours educating us into the right product. It is refreshing to see such passion. Keep up the amazing work!
Dario Pineda, Balwyn, VIC