Aesthetic Polished Concrete provides high-end concrete floors for residential homes at a value that is cost effective over the life of the floor. Our team creates beautiful concrete floors with three different processes depending on your needs. Each process gives you a stylish look that is durable enough to last a lifetime. The low maintenance and longevity of the floor offset the cost per square metre as well.

Residential Polished Concrete Floors

Many people might not consider concrete when determining what to lay as flooring in a residential house. However, polished concrete is a stunning choice for flooring in a kitchen, bathroom, foyer and so much more. Our technique of mechanical polishing creates one of a kind elegance that you will enjoy for years to come.

Not all concrete flooring techniques are the same, and mechanical polishing provides the highest quality. The process uses abrasives to make scratches in the floor. Smaller and smaller grits are used to make smaller and smaller scratches until the abrasive is so fine it leaves a shiny polished surface instead of noticeable scratches. A chemical is also used to help harden the floor for increased durability by increasing the density. It increases the stain-resistance of the concrete as well.

Mechanical polishing provides the maximum amount of refinement to the concrete and is the desired process for polished concrete residential floors such as a bathroom. Grind and seal is the process used in garages, outdoor areas, commercial buildings, or other areas where you might expect high traffic.

The grind and seal process is similar to mechanical polishing because it uses abrasives with increasingly smaller grits to smooth the surface. The difference is the grit doesn’t get as fine in grind and seal as it does in mechanical polishing. Instead of using a finer grit the floor is sealed to give it the smooth and glossy look.

We also have a pavilion finish concrete for outdoor areas which might get wet, such as around swimming pools. During our pavilion process, we lay stone aggregate into the concrete and level it off. Once it sets, we use acid etching to remove some of the concrete from around the stones. The etching leaves the stones slightly raised from the concrete surface creating a beautiful slip-free floor. You can view all our techniques on our services page.

Polished Concrete Offers Cost-Effective Price Per Square Metre

Polished concrete is a high-end building material because it is elegantly designed and is labour-intensive to install. However, homeowners will want to look at the big picture when making decisions about their residential flooring needs. For example, the floors will require virtually no maintenance beyond sweeping and mopping, and their durability makes them last for decades. Consider this against mid-level flooring that requires replacement every few years, polished concrete is great value.

Contact Aesthetic Polished Concrete, and we will discuss design plans and provide a price per square metre. During the consultation, you can further learn about our techniques and which best serves your flooring needs. Our goal is to inform you of all your options so you can make an educated decision about residential polished concrete floors.