Say goodbye to stained carpets, cracked tile, and lifting linoleum. Modern concrete flooring options use your existing concrete foundation to create stunning high-gloss finishes polished with a specialised resin pad. The resulting floor is silky smooth, scratch free, and highly resistant to chips, scratches, and water damage. This low-maintenance concrete flooring option is cost-effective, stylish, has a low carbon footprint, and is multi-functional. Whether you’re looking to upgrade residential or commercial space, Aesthetic Polished Concrete has the concrete polishing service to fit your needs. Let us make your floors our canvas as we work together to design unique concrete flooring for the home, the warehouse, and even schools.

Eco-Friendly Decorative Concrete Flooring

A stylish floor enhances the visual appeal of any setting. Yet material costs and maintenance requirements for other high-end flooring treatments are prohibitive to individuals and companies alike. Polished concrete, on the other hand, requires no added materials and maintains its finish without waxes or special cleaners that could be harmful in residential or school environments. Additionally, the hardened resin-based polish creates a durable surface that’s resistant to scratches, chips, and cracks. When concrete is covered, it’s natural thermal mass properties are masked. Exposed concrete, on the other hand, retains its temperature while the reflective surface reduces the need for high-wattage light bulbs. Committed to producing high-quality long-lasting floors for homes and businesses, our experienced team walks you through all your decorative and functional concrete flooring options.

Aesthetic Polished Concrete Helps You Beautify Any Setting

We offer polished concrete services tailored to the function of the floor: Mechanically Polished Concrete, Grind and Seal, and Pavilion Finish. Decorative concrete flooring achieved through our signature double restoration process turns your existing foundation into beautiful mechanically polished concrete. Using diamond-embedded pads of decreasing coarseness, your concrete is ground down exposing the aggregate. Once ground, colour and design can be added to create a one-of-a-kind floor. We quality check the floor for smoothness and address any imperfections before starting the polishing process.

Our other services utilise the same grind and polish method while adding materials to optimise the intended functionality. The Grind and Seal treatment adds an air-tight protective sealant to your floor ideal for outdoor areas and settings prone to regular moisture or high foot traffic. Schools with concrete flooring that’s been sealed look fantastic, and you don’t have to worry about spills. Lastly, the Pavilion Finish creates a textured non-slip surface by using an acid etch treatment that helps ensure safety in school kitchens and other slippery workspaces.

While commercial applications are common, residential concrete polishing treatments are on the rise. In warehouses, concrete flooring enhances the look and feel of both work and retail space. Aesthetically appealing to customers yet durable enough to withstand the regular use of heavy equipment, polished concrete strikes a balance between design and functionality in any warehouse. Meanwhile, many of our residential clients are looking ways to set their home apart from the rest. We understand that turning a house into a home is no easy task. Our residential concrete flooring services allow you to infuse your personality into its foundation. We’ll walk you through the entire process and assist with colour and design selections so that you get a masterfully-designed, long-lasting, wholly unique finish.