Aesthetic Polished Concrete has elegant design options for your flooring needs including your kitchen and bathroom. If you are building a new house or renovating an existing one, we’ll be happy to talk to you about polished concrete flooring options. We not only pride ourselves on providing stunning floors but also in our detailed and educational interactions with our clients. When you know all the facts, you’ll understand what a great choice our floors are.

Polished Concrete for Kitchen and Bathroom Floors

Polished concrete has many benefits for your kitchen and bathroom flooring needs. Firstly, they are versatile because they can be designed to be integrated to fit any style or décor. Concrete comes in many different colours and can be stained to add a striking depth of pallet. Decorative additions can be added such as edging to look like tilework or stone aggregate for a natural feel. If your floors have a unique shape, concrete can provide great options. Tile, wood, and stone must be awkwardly cut to fit around curved walls or features. We lay concrete in such a way that obstacles or odd shapes aren’t a problem.

Kitchen and bathroom floors can take a beating over the years, and polished concrete is up for the challenge. For example, it’s superior to wood for such locations due to its durability. A dropped knife will leave a scar on wood but will be unnoticeable on polished concrete. Kitchen and bathroom floors are always getting wet which can cause staining and mildew in wood or tile grout but is easily wiped up from concrete.

Polished concrete has very low maintenance and only requires a quick sweep and damp mop. It has incredibly high longevity and can potentially last a hundred years. The longevity and low maintenance coupled together gives you a flooring solution that becomes a great value over the life of your house. A polished concrete floor will end up costing less than mid-level flooring that you must replace every few years.

Polished Concrete Design Options

Our craftspeople love what they do and consider each floor to be a unique treasure, because we consider the concrete work we do to be an artform. We will be happy to design a floor that is just right for you. When we consult with you about your flooring needs, we can discuss many different design options. We will educate you on the techniques and styles so you can make an informed decision about your choices. We invite you to view our gallery to get an idea of how beautiful our concrete floors are.

Contact Aesthetic Polished Concrete, and we will send our skilled and creative staff to you to discuss your flooring needs and vision. We will then design options for your kitchen or bathroom from which you can choose. Our team will focus on creating your new floor with the perfection and attention to detail you deserve.