Polished concrete is the popular flooring solution across multiple commercial industries. Not only does the cost-saving technique require little maintenance, but the glossy finish is also highly reflective making anything placed atop glisten and glow. Turn your auto showroom and surrounding lot into an aesthetic masterpiece that simultaneously drives sales by upgrading your floors to polished concrete. Aesthetic Polished Concrete is your one-stop solution for inside and outside concrete services. Our professionals work with you through this highly customised process to create beautiful floors using the foundation you already have. You control the gloss level, any added colour, and infinite design capabilities during this eco-friendly investment.

Stand Out with the Help of Outside Concrete Specialists

Polishing the outside concrete flooring of your auto dealership creates a cohesive finish between the indoor and outdoor show areas while increasing the luxurious feel of the entire lot. Our double restoration process uses diamonds embedded in pads to grind down your existing concrete gradually. Once ground down, colours, designs, or objects can be embedded into the flooring before the polishing process begins. Resin is added, and machines are used to polish the floor to the desired gloss level. Grinding is done in small increments to preserve the concrete’s quality, and the resin seeps down into the concrete hardening it. All of this produces a durable, long-lasting, glass-like floor that doesn’t need waxes or special coating. In fact, polished concrete floor maintenance is as easy as regular dust mopping while gunky spots are easily cleaned up with non-abrasive cleaners.

Reputable outside concrete specialists understand how to safely use the powerful equipment and resins necessary to produce immaculate concrete flooring. Choose Aesthetic Polished Concrete for our experience, our passion for the craft, and our commitment to a client-centred service. We see each floor as a canvas and each of our people as artists with the singular goal of turning your showroom into a functionally artistic masterpiece.

Multiple Functionality from Aesthetic Polished Concrete

The reflective properties of polished concrete will help showcase your cars without the expense of additional light. Resistant to cracks, nicks, and scratches, it’s ideal for high-traffic areas and can withstand the ever-changing display of automobiles. The smooth finish creates pleasant rides as happy customers drive off the lot. While we’re beautifying your showroom, let us refinish your service areas to protect your crew from spilled oils and chemicals as they work to get your customers back on the road. Our Pavilion Finish, a ground acid etch, grinds your concrete to expose the aggregate. Acid is added to remove additional cement at varying depths creating a rough surface that is then sealed off. The result is a non-slip finish that lasts a lifetime. We suggest the Pavilion Finish for areas that are frequently wet.

Our friendly and experienced crew will walk you through each polished concrete process and help you choose which finish will produce the best quality and longest lasting floor for the inside and outside of your auto dealership. With our help, cars will look so good you won’t be able to keep them on the lot.