Warehouses are traditionally production areas where companies store goods. Increasingly, they are used as retail space that customers can access. In these settings, traditional floor coverings are impractical. Carpet stains, tile cracks, and wood splits. Concrete, previously reserved for outdoor and foundational use, when polished, creates an aesthetically pleasing solution that is cost-effective, durable to high foot traffic and heavy loads, and requires little maintenance. Reflectivity that also reduces energy costs while showcasing your products is a bonus.

Warehouses typically use the foundation’s concrete slab for their flooring, which allows forklifts to manoeuvre easily and spills to be wiped up quickly. When aesthetics didn’t matter, stains and nicks didn’t either. Now that heavy-duty workspace meets customer shopping space, so seeking concrete specialists is your best solution for comprehensive indoor and outdoor concrete services. Aesthetic Polished Concrete has crafted stylish and long-lasting outdoor concrete flooring for businesses throughout the Melbourne area. Through a multi-step grinding process followed by a hardening resin treatment, our specialists work with you to establish a design and gloss level for each designated area of your warehouse.

High-End Outdoor Concrete Specialists Turn Warehouse Floor into Art

To us, your floor is a canvas. With each of our concrete services we carefully grind down the existing concrete to expose the beautiful aggregate below the surface. We then slowly add resin to the floor which hardens and protects it from damage. Polishing the resin-treated concrete produces a glass-like finish. The glossy surface is highly reflective allowing you to use less wattage and thus reduces energy costs. Easy maintenance extends your savings as polished concrete flooring solutions do not require waxes, coatings, or special cleaning chemicals. A regular dust mopping with spot treatments for spills is all your new floors will ever need. Without the need for added materials, polished concrete is a sustainable, eco-friendly flooring solution.

Outdoor Concrete Flooring by using Aesthetic Polished Concrete

Regardless of how you plan to use your new floors, we always start by maximising the quality of your existing floors through our double restoration process. We offer three concrete services: Mechanically Polished Concrete, Grind and Seal, and the Pavilion Finish. When aesthetics is the goal, our signature mechanically polished concrete with the Double Diamond Difference is ideal. Diamond embedded pads of decreasing coarseness are used to grind down the concrete to expose the aggregate. Once ground to the desired degree, you can add colour and design to the floor before the resin-based polishing process beings. The resulting floor is silky smooth, free from chemical coatings, and sure to make a lasting impression on your customers.

Outdoor, kitchen, and retail settings benefit from the Grind and Seal, a three-stage process that produces a flat, scratch-free surface before adding a protective sealant. This process fortifies floors subject to environmental elements, high traffic, and wet conditions. The Pavilion Finish is ideal for wet work areas or retail space looking for a textured finish. The concrete is ground down; then a special acid is added to remove concrete at varying depths creating a coarse texture. Finally, resin is added to harden and polish the concrete resulting in a resilient non-slip floor that lasts forever.