Aesthetic Polished Concrete have created gorgeous and durable mechanical polished concrete flooring for two years, however, our concrete artisans have over six years of experience. We pride ourselves on taking the functionality of polished concrete and turning it into a work of art.

Myths of Machine Polished Concrete Floors

When people hear about concrete floors, they usually think of garages or warehouses but don’t typically think of beautiful kitchens and bathrooms. We want to change your mindset about machine polished concrete flooring because, in reality, they are a high-end and stunning solution to your flooring needs.

Myth: Concrete floors are cold. Polished concrete is no colder than tile or stone floors and concrete stores and releases heat readily. When the sun shines on the floor, it will absorb the heat, and radiate it throughout the day. If you like warm and toasty floors, concrete is a great material to lay over radiant floor heating.

Myth: Concrete is hard on your feet. Just like tile or stone, concrete doesn’t have much cushioning, but mechanically polished concrete is smooth and glossy. The lustrous surface feels silky smooth under your feet and is not abrasive at all.

Myth: Polished concrete is expensive to install. We create high quality flooring so when compared to other high-end products, polished concrete is very affordable. The value becomes even more apparent when you consider the low maintenance, high durability, and long lifespan of machine polished concrete.

Myth: Even if the floor is polished it will still look industrial. We might be a little biased, but we think concrete is beautiful. Concrete comes in many different colours and can include natural stones and warm tones. Our staff are artists and can create beautiful designs that mimic tile or stone. You don’t have to take our word for it, just look at our gallery to see for yourself.

Maintenance of Mechanical Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is very easy to maintain and will give you years of enjoyment with little work especially when compared to other floorings. If the foot traffic is light through an area occasional sweeping and damp mopping is all that is necessary. After many years you may notice the gloss starts to fade, but a quick go over with a commercial polisher will bring back the shine.

When we consult with you, tell us if you expect extremely high traffic or potential chemical spills because we can prevent some issues. We can use a grind and seal process to make the floor even more durable to abrasions and so chemicals don’t seep in and stain the concrete.

Beautifully designed high-end polished concrete floors are our passion. We go beyond laying flooring and create works of art on which you walk. Our floors are stunning, almost maintenance-free, and will give you enjoyment for a lifetime. We serve all of Victoria, so contact Aesthetic Polished Concrete for your flooring needs. Our concrete artisans can’t wait to make your flooring dreams a reality.