The industrial sector, especially here in Australia, has a well-earned reputation for demanding rigorous standards in product quality and requiring solutions that can stand up to heavy-duty usage in high volume environments. The same is true when it comes to poured concrete floors. This is not the space for elegant hardwood or a meticulously inlaid design. Instead, interior concrete floors in industrial centres must offer long-term durability while also yielding a dependable work surface. Aesthetic Polished Concrete brings its experience and understanding to bear for this industry, providing a flooring solution that is more cost-effective and easier to maintain in this challenging setting.

A typical industrial workspace sees not only large amounts of foot traffic but also the transportation of heavy equipment and materials. Forklifts, as well as people, may need to traverse the space. Using a system that results in an ultra-hard and durable surface that not only performs well but looks good too, we provide solutions to a commonplace problem in industry, with experience and a passion for creating only the best results possible, APC offers a premier service experience for every client. Consider the process we use to ensure results that will leave you pleased with your decision to forge a partnership with our team.

How we approach diverse needs for interior concrete floors

We understand that there are many factors to evaluate with every location we work, and that is why we do not lean on a “one size fits all” style solution for your business. Instead, we coordinate with you to not only inspect what is possible with our poured interior concrete floors but also to suggest the way forward that will yield pleasing results. You may wish to provide different styles of flooring in different areas, and we can accommodate these needs. For example, you may need to create a non-slip surface with our pavilion-style finish in an area where it is essential for staff to navigate wet floors quickly.

After identifying the right flooring style, our professional team puts in the hard work to grind down and re-polish your concrete floors for an industrial finish. Every detail is essential, and we pay close attention to every stage of preparation and polishing. The resulting floors can stand up to any of the industrial applications required of the space.

A solution that looks wonderful today and tomorrow

It is hard to deny both the utility and the convenience of using an existing concrete floor as the basis for a new interior or industrial space. Whether you’ve chosen to undertake a renovation project at home or you represent a commercial business seeking a low maintenance but high-value solution, Aesthetic Polished Concrete is ready to assist. From start to finish, our goal is always to deliver the highest quality results no matter the environment in which we work.

To begin planning how to approach creating the ideal industrial concrete floors your operations require, use our contact form to submit a convenient online enquiry, or simply call us on 409 874 646.