Brutalist architecture flourished between 1950 and 1975 and was highly popular with governmental and institutional clients. Not everyone liked the massive character of the fortress-like buildings erected in bleak concrete. In the years that followed, the reputation of concrete didn’t improve much despite the many advantages which the material offers. A change of mind ensued at the end of the 20th century when polished concrete became used increasingly more widely.

The revival started in the United States, but now, Australia too is learning the secrets of how to create amazing honed concrete floors. Indeed! They are the ultimate flooring on the market today. At Aesthetic Polished Concrete, we have gathered as many as 6 six years of experience in this technique which requires patience and dedication, but results in an excellent high-quality indoor concrete floor.

A smooth concrete floor with many advantages

Honed concrete floors share all the advantages of normal concrete. They are durable, will neither chip nor dent, and are environmentally-friendly. Modern construction techniques already provide a concrete slab as the foundations in a house, so, to treat an existing floor requires no additional energy. The amount of waste is minimal too, making honed concrete floors a LEED-friendly (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) solution.

Further advantages include:

  • Honed concrete floors have a relatively high R-value (friction) making them non-slippery.
  • They are highly reflective which results in increased light output energy and an improvement of natural lighting. Truly a green solution!
  • They combine well with eco-friendly underfloor heating.
  • Since they are fire-retardant, they add to your house’s safety.
  • Polished concrete floors are hygienic. They reduce dust mite and allergen problems and do not support mould growth.
  • A smooth concrete floor is very easy to maintain. The top coating is flat and sealed so that dirt cannot penetrate the surface. A smaller surface just requires a quick vacuum and a mop with water and some soap. Floor scrubbers are the answer for larger surfaces.
  • Our floors conform to the international IEC 61340-5-1 standard pertaining to electrostatic discharge (ESD).
  • A honed concrete floor looks great in any interior, even a rustic one.

At Aesthetic Polished Concrete, we take pride in our work!

For some, placing a honed concrete floor is too intimidating a task. At Aesthetic Polished Concrete, we revel in this kind of work. You’ll see that we exert ourselves, invest the necessary time, dividing it up into stages which you can follow in detailed planning. Finally, we use only material of the highest quality to create what we consider a piece of art.

If you feel that an indoor concrete floor would be an addition to your home, let us know. Centrally located in Victoria, we are ready for your project, committed to educating you in this relatively new technique. We’ll assist you in making the right choices. Nonetheless, whichever specific plans you already have in mind, present them to us. If we have learned one thing through experience, it’s that the client’s input always makes the resulting floor a unique eye-catcher.