Imagining floors made of concrete usually doesn’t conjure pretty pictures in your mind. Perhaps because acid-stained concrete floors are still a relatively new and unknown item.

Close your eyes and imagine a lake on a windless and sunny day. Picture it with its many shades of blue. Do you see how it reflects the clouds passing over? Birds flying in the air cast shadows on its glassy surface, and the bright sun makes it glitter as an iridescent opal.

Acid-stained concrete floors look a lot like that, though with an important difference. You don’t have to settle for blue. At Aesthetic Polished Concrete, you have hundreds of colours and patterns from which to choose. Even more: every floor is unique.

Acid-stained concrete floors: as tough as the name suggests

A stone, well-aimed and thrown far, will shatter the image of that splendid blue lake. That won’t happen with our decorative concrete floors. A floor of Aesthetic Polished Concrete is bullet-proof tough, abrasion-resistant, easy to clean, and doesn’t require polishes, creams, or waxes to retain its sheen. No matter how many times you walk over it, it will reflect the sun’s light as if it were newly placed.

You may chuckle over our poetic nature, but we consider all our acid-stained concrete floors as pieces of art. We are proud of our work and use only the highest-quality material. Also, we give the concrete floors we place in a house the time and effort they need. At APC, quality, and patience result in perfection.

Your new decorative floor is but a click of the button away

If you have been browsing the Internet, in search of acid-stained concrete floors, and have concluded you want one, give us a call at +61 409 874 646, e-mail us, or use the contact form on our website. We expect you’ll have many questions, and we’re ready to answer all of them. While it’s true that every house is different, we’ve already gathered six years of experience, placing concrete floors in every kind of house. Whatever challenge you have to offer us, we’ll gladly accept it. Also, don’t hesitate to let us know if you already have a specific design in mind.

Together with you, we’ll draw up detailed planning. We work in stages. The time necessary for the work depends on whether your floor is new or has already been through some wear and tear. Some consider the process of staining concrete tedious, but we truly like it.

We’ll discuss the price too, of course. In many cases, you can use your existing foundation, but even if this isn’t so, you’ll find the price for your acid-stained concrete floor pleasantly affordable. To this, add the thermal mass properties of concrete, and its highly reflective polished surface. You’ll only need a fraction of the lighting you used to have, which will make you love your decorative concrete floor even more.