How often do you think about the floor beneath your feet each day? In most cases, the answer is likely to be “not often at all” outside of perhaps cleaning up a mess. As spaces age, though, old flooring solutions that may have once looked stunning and worked very well can begin to show signs of deterioration. That could be an old concrete floor in your garage, or it might be that you’ve grown tired of the kitchen flooring that was present when you moved in to the home. At Aesthetic Polished Concrete, we deliver a valuable high-quality service that can offer the opportunity to visually reshape the space with flooring designed for durability.

By utilising an existing concrete slab, we can modify a space to use flooring that is not only visually stunning with many different finish options available but offers other benefits as well. The natural ability of concrete to absorb, retain, and release heat means one can draw a direct line from the use of this contemporary flooring option and lowered energy consumption. As one of the most exciting products in the flooring market today, mechanically polished concrete offers a visual aesthetic that is vastly different than tile or hardwood. When might be this right choice for your home?

Choosing contemporary flooring that’s designed to last for years

We didn’t put “aesthetic” in our name without reason — it is because we believe in the real artistic and visual appeal that polished concrete floors can provide. Unlike the bare concrete in a factory, your kitchen could feature a floor with beautifully exposed aggregate stones for a one of a kind pattern. Our grind and seal finish can create incredible swirling patterns on the floor as well, which we then harden to provide years of resistance to the frequent foot traffic it will experience.

When you desire a modern and attractive design that does not require frequent maintenance throughout the life of your home, this is an option to consider strongly. A mechanically polished floor does not need to have a coating continually re-applied every few years. Instead, after grinding and initial grouting, we use a super-hard polishing pad applied with a special resin which delivers a beautiful glossy finish, perfect for reflecting lights and creating a visually warm space.

Start a discussion about your project ideas with our team

Whatever your primary goal may be as you investigate contemporary choices for kitchen or garage flooring in your home, Aesthetic Polished Concrete can help to deploy a solution that delivers the ideal finished product. We take pride in going a step further in our services, understanding that art and craft combine in this industry to create a memorable space. Our team also has experience in delivering unique and durable factory flooring for commercial applications. If you would like to speak to us about what we can achieve when we work together, please use our contact form to get in touch. We look forward to a productive collaboration.