Mechanical Polished Concrete

Mechanical Polished Concrete also known as Honed Concrete is the ultimate in Aesthetic flooring solutions. Its process involves the concrete surface to be hardened and refined to then be used as the working surface. It is ground for flatness and to expose the desired level of aggregate.
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Epoxy Flake

Epoxy flake floor is a unique type of flooring. It can be used when the concrete surface is beyond repair, where anti-slip is required, or when you are looking to be creative with the many shapes and colours available. Great for a garage floor, kitchen/food prep area and any wet area’s.
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Pavilion Finish also reffered to as Ground Acid Etch is a process where the top layer of your new or existing concrete is ground to expose the aggregate. Once ground, an Acid Solution is applied to remove the cement matrix at varying depths.
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How much do you know about the concrete in your building or elsewhere on your property? The chances are good that you could stand to learn more about it. Gaining information about the concrete you use in your home, office, or other commercial space can be extremely valuable. It can help you discover opportunities to use those surfaces in ways that you had not previously thought possible. Concrete profiling is one important task you may wish to undertake when you are trying to learn more about the concrete on your property. Hiring concrete profiling specialists for this purpose can provide you with accurate and actionable data that you can use to make informed decisions.

Criteria for Choosing Successful Concrete Profiling Services

Keep the following criteria in mind when hiring concrete profiling specialists to perform work at your home or commercial facility. If you look for these specific features, you will be much more likely to engage professionals who are committed to providing you with high-quality results, and will probably be much more satisfied with your investment:

  • Experience. You will always have better results from a concrete profiling specialist when you choose someone who has spent years in the industry. A concrete profiler with experience can do the required work faster and more accurately, which will help you achieve better results.
  • Education-oriented. Try to work with a company whose members care about sharing their knowledge with you. A business with members who can show you exactly how their work takes place and why it benefits you is one you can trust to provide real value with their services.
  • A wide range of products and services. Choosing a concrete specialist that can also offer grinding, machine polishing, and finishing, in addition to their profiling duties helps you discover a valuable resource that you will be able to use if you ever decide to turn your concrete base into a floor of its own.

Why Choose Aesthetic Polished Concrete?

Aesthetic Polished Concrete can help. Our company has professionals who have more than six years of experience in the concrete industry, and we leave no stone unturned in our work. Our profiling services can help you learn all you need to know about the state of your concrete so that you can learn how much work it will take to polish it into a stylish and modern floor for your home or business. Count on our team to keep you informed at every step of our process so that you’ll be in the know at all times and ready to make important decisions for the future of your building with thorough and detailed information.

The way you choose to decorate your space is meaningful—and if you run a business, the flooring you use can also have significant practical ramifications on the way you and your employees work. Let us help when you take advantage of our comprehensive concrete profiling services and find out exactly how rough your concrete base is so that you can determine precisely what it will take to turn it into a mechanically polished floor. For more information on our company or our work, contact us at any time during regular business hours and speak to a member of our team.