In a residential home, the average person may never use their kitchen to cook a meal for many people all at once. In a corporate setting, or even in an industrial context for the large-scale production of foodstuffs, high-volume cooking is an everyday affair. Developing a space in which staff can work safely, efficiently, and quickly is therefore very important. As you consider the needs of a new or existing corporate kitchen, flooring should be one of your priorities. What you choose can determine upkeep costs now and in the future while also influencing other factors.

Did you know that concrete could be the best option? Not only do many industrial spaces already have a slab in place, but it means you can modify your existing flooring to adapt to the type of functionality you require. At Aesthetic Polished Concrete, we employ cutting-edge technologies and processes to transform existing concrete into something that is both visually pleasing and highly functional. With several service methods available, including a polishing method that imparts improved waterproofing and slip-resistance to the surface, the APC Grinding team can help your business choose the ideal approach. Why polished concrete, though?

The benefits of opting for a concrete kitchen floor

First, as mentioned, many spaces already have an existing slab which allows us to come in and begin our process as soon as we settle on a strategy with our clients, which saves the cost of installing brand new flooring. Even older slabs have the potential to become beautifully polished floors after our process. We work on a case-by-case basis, evaluating the quality of your slab and other factors to determine how to install the ideal flooring.

Next, these floors are easy to keep clean — an absolute must in any corporate kitchen. Our flooring is also smooth to walk upon and can take on several different visual styles for a more inviting workspace for employees. Finally, a polished floor may even help to reduce your energy bills. The shiny, reflective surface bounces light back upward, allowing you to install less powerful lights while still maintaining the ideal level of visibility in the kitchen. Altogether, these benefits make polished concrete one of the most versatile options available.

Engage with our focused craftsmen today

A high-demand environment requires an industrial kitchen flooring installation that can stand up to a constant level of use and abuse every day. From mechanically polished concrete floors to a “grind and seal” service, we can deliver a range of solutions fit for a variety of environments. With our intensive focus on delivering on even the smallest details and our team’s passion for leaving behind flooring you can trust for years to come; Aesthetic Polished Concrete provides a service second to none. Contact our team by today by calling on 409 874 646 and telling us a bit about your space. We’ll work together to identify the best way forward.