About Us


Aesthetic Polished Concrete take a somewhat unconventional approach to residential and commercial flooring. That’s because to us, polished concrete is more than a contemporary flooring solution. To us, polished concrete is as much our craft as it is an art form. We value the pride and patience it takes in the often intimidating task of turning a house into a home and this is exactly the approach we take in our delivery. Whether it’s through an unrivalled quality attained only via our signature double restoration process, or the perpetual commitment we have to expanding our skill set as new technologies are introduced – we are committed to ensuring that we deliver the highest possible standard achievable for your home. It’s something we’re proud to be recognised for.

Our Values


It is our promise as Polished Concrete Specialists to ensure all of our clients are left with an Aesthetic, Durable concrete floor that not only their admire, but one that we admire.
All our M.P.C floors receive our signature Double Diamond restoration process as a standard. The Double Diamond process emphasises on maximising the concretes surface quality well before the polishing begins. Resulting in a tight, glass like surface that will be admired for years to come. That is the APC Double Diamond difference.
Using your existing foundation as your unique flooring alternative reduces the overall materials required from mother nature. That, added to the extremely low maintenance, low energy costs, and the longevity of Polished Concrete, lower our carbon footprint.

Our Story


We value the pride and patience it takes in the often intimidating task of turning a house into a home. We value these attributes because they are similarly defining in the approach we take from inception to delivery.
 APC has been my outlet for creativity and obsession. To finally find something I could put all my energy into, and allow myself to be a perfectionist without restrictions, has been immensely rewarding. Prior to me starting APC I had been restricted by time frames. But getting a floor to it’s full potential takes more time and more resources. Now that I am in control I am able to put quality above all else, to create you a masterpiece in an efficient manner. I want my floor to reflect what my customers want from their home, for years to come. Concrete is the canvas, and I am the artist..
Roger Takacs – APC Founder and Chief Operator

We are driven to achieve the highest possible standard of mechanically polished concrete.